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Contract (Full Time - 100% Remote Work) Time Zone: Between PST (GMT-7) and ET (GMT-3) Language: English Fluency This opportunity is in a rapidly growing, disruptive global tech startup with room for growth. About us Holochain is our new open-source framework infrastructure technology for distributed peer-to-peer applications. Holochain is fast, massively scalable, cost-effective, resource-efficient, and energy-efficient. Holo, which is built on Holochain, is a distributed cloud platform and marketplace for hosting and serving other Holochain applications to everyday users connected to the Internet. Holo brings access to distributed applications to the familiar web browser by creating an ecosystem and a currency that enables distributed hosting services provided by peers. We are a funded startup releasing Alpha to customers and preparing for our Launch. With Holo, we envision a world where people own their own data and co Apply now and work remotely at Holo

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