21 days ago

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I need help wrapping up a personal portfolio Ive been working on for a while. The overall design is done, but I need help resolving some issues and refining some animations.

  1. The mobile does not work at all. Ive tried a few things to get it to work and even rebuilt the project card to see if that was the issue, and it still has the same issue, so it is something else in the design or a bug with Framer. 
  2.  Scroll animations are not great, and I would like to see if they can be refined to have a more a dynamic look. in both the scroll and how things animate in frame
  3. The project cards— i want to update the functionality so it clicks through on all the cards and not just the titles. 
  4. Some of the pages need some cleanup in how things are working. Mostly stuff is visible on the scroll that should be hidden. 

5. Nav needs some love— just the animation on it is off and I would like to see it cleaned up. 

Please only contact me with your portfolio through Contra