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Neco is the cryptocurrency for the common good. We generate profits, provide universal basic income and protect the climate. Our vision is to build a sustainable financial system that serves the people and the planet. Tasks We are looking for an experienced Recruiter / Headhunter to fill key roles (co-founders, executives, developers) in our Fintech startup (cryptocurrency, Blockchain) with qualified and motivated freelancers and partners. Your responsibilities include identifying hiring needs, writing job descriptions, sourcing and assessing candidates, conducting interviews and onboarding new hires. We are a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and have implemented Holacracy, a non-hierarchical management system structured in circles (teams) and roles (functions). Skills: Recruiting, Job Interviews, Candidate Assessments, Holacracy, Agile, Scrum, Blockchain, Crypto. Requirements Experience Recruiting experience: 3 years or more Experience with recruiti Apply now and work remotely at Neco Finance

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