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Whether you binge-watch a series on Netflix, plan faraway vacations from your phone, or read international news online, you’ve likely used Apollo’s technology this week. Apollo supports some of the largest GraphQL platforms in the world.  We’re not looking to rest on our laurels though — we’re aiming to change how software is built. Apollo wants to empower every software team to build an amazing user experience across any number of clients, without dealing with a barrage of API endpoints. Equal to all of that, Apollo is intent on becoming the company where you can see your career grow through challenging work, collaborating with incredible teammates, and accomplishing the unattainable. About the team and role People Operations or “POps” is the people engine at Apollo that keeps the proverbial trains running on time. We are intentional about evolving and optimizing Apollo’s people practices to enable meaningful, enriching work experiences for a Apply now and work remotely at Apollo

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