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Paid Ads Specialist

$10.0k - $30.0k

Digital Rhinos

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We are an Australian-based growth agency focused on helping B2B SaaS companies. We are offering a full-time position (37.5 hours per week), at US$1,300 per month.

Our values are:

  • Transparency – openness and honesty within our team, and with clients

  • Being holistic – understanding the bigger picture, being able to think outside the box

  • Respect – respect for each other, respect for clients, and expecting respect back from clients

  • Initiative – always looking for ways to improve the way we work & test new ideas

  • Value – our work should deliver real business value to our clients, rather than just vanity metrics

  • Expertise – we want to be the experts within the niche that we are in, and continually expand our expert Apply now and work remotely at Digital Rhinos

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