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Empassion is a Management Services Organization (MSO) focused on improving the quality of care and costs for a highly neglected “Advanced illness/ end of life” patient population. Four percent of the Medicare population but 25 percent of its costs. The impact is driven deeper with families who are left with minimal options and decreased time with their loved ones. Empassion is enabling increased access and alignment while delivering superior outcomes for patients, their communities, the healthcare system, families, and society.  Empassion is one of the most impactful and exciting start-ups in healthcare. Our focus is to improve the quality of care and reduce costs for seniors with advanced illness. Empassion works with primary care, palliative care, hospice, and home health providers to ensure that patients with advanced illness receive the care they both want and need. We are committed to giving patients and their families more good days at home. Empassion is currently Apply now and work remotely at Empassion

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